Cupid  Reimagined Love Token in Pave Diamond Halo

Cupid Reimagined Love Token in Pave Diamond Halo

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The letters in St Valentine so vastly will amount,
Postmen may judge then by the lot, they won’t have time to count;
They must bring round spades and measures, to poor love sick souls
Deliver then by the bushels, the same as they do coals
Valentine’s Day cards gained popularity in the Victorian Era due to advances in printing technology coupled with the introduction of the penny post (referenced in the poem above). The affordability of the cards and the postage increased the number of cards sent from 60,000 in 1835 to over 400,000 in 1840. For one particular lover and beloved, a card was not enough, and this sweet little love token was borne. At least that’s the story I made up! This is is a silver casting of a Victorian antique, embellished with diamonds and naturally the gemstone of love - Ruby!By special order only, please allow 4-6 weeks for completion.

**Chain sold separately**