Mama Lovebirds Love Token in 14k, Bezeled Diamond & NSEW Diamond Bezel

Mama Lovebirds Love Token in 14k, Bezeled Diamond & NSEW Diamond Bezel

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Isn't this the most delightful love token?  Two lovebirds with their umbrellas hover over "Mama" making us think that a very happy father commissioned this love token for his wife after they realized she was expecting.  But are you wondering what is with the birds depicted like people? As usual, we have the history of the trend covered - so read on!

Anthropomorphism in the Victorian era refers to the literary and artistic practice of attributing human characteristics, emotions, and behaviors to non-human entities, such as animals, objects, or natural elements. It was a popular form of expression during the 19th century and played a significant role in Victorian literature, children’s stories, and visual arts.

One of the key aspects of anthropomorphism in the Victorian era was the portrayal of animals as if they possessed human qualities and abilities. This was often seen in children’s literature, where animals were given human-like speech and personalities. Well-known examples of anthropomorphic characters from this period include Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and Kenneth Grahame’s “The Wind in the Willows”.

In visual arts, anthropomorphic representations were prevalent as well. Illustrators and painters often portrayed animals dressed in human clothing, engaging in human activities, or exhibiting human expressions. Notable artists like Randolph Caldecott and Beatrix Potter incorporated anthropomorphic elements in their illustrations for children’s books, capturing the imagination of Victorian readers.

This practice reflected the cultural values and interests of the time, allowing allowed authors and artists to explore complex themes, convey moral lessons, and entertain readers through the use of relatable characters. The Victorian fascination with nature, childhood innocence, and the blurring of boundaries between humans and the natural world found expression through anthropomorphic storytelling and art.

This love token is engraved on a US Seated Liberty Dime, and is shown on our 14k YG and diamond bezel - but can be set in any of our bezel styles or even something custom that will narrate your personal love story!