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"Next, we have those that use the symbolic idea of gifting your heart to someone to inspire their designs. For example, the Lock Stories collection by fine jewellery brand Heavenly Vices follows a ‘lock and key’ design to create pieces that can be custom-coded to the wearer. "
Jewels of the Heart: The Best Heart-Shaped Jewellery For Valentine’s Day
Katerine Perez - February 08, 2023
"This LOVE lock, a three-sided combination lock by Heavenly Vices is sold as is, with LOVE written in braille, in an antique font (pictured in our intro) and with Victorian symbols – a rose, a dove, double hearts and a lovers‘ knot. "
Valentine’s Day Picks: 5 Jewels Holding Secrets Only You and Your Lover Know
Engagement 101 - February 01, 2023
"Aesthetically, designer Samantha Jackson is most at home in the Victorian era, reinterpreting common items of the era like love tokens into modern day jewelry styles. Heavenly Vices’ newest collection, called “Lock Stories” is a new twist on the brand’s fascination with antiquity."
Piece of the Week: Heavenly Vices' Lock Necklace
National Jeweler - January 27, 2023
"This ingenious necklace replaces a clasp with a fully functional combination lock with some of the most recognizable talismans and motifs from the Victorian era."
Show Me Your Dream Jewel
Forbes - November 27, 2022
"Heavenly Vices’ sterling silver love token engraved with a bouquet of flowers including cabbage roses, forget-me-nots, lily of the valley and daisies, all of which had specific meanings that represented love and happiness. The 14K yellow gold bezel contains diamonds and an acrostic stone design that spell out a word with the first letter of each stone name - Amethyst, Moonstone, Opal, Ruby - AMOR, Spanish for love. "
Mother's Day Gift Guide
Forbes - April 19, 2022
"As I watched tearful husbands, wives and children part, I kept going over this passage from the Old Testament ‘And Mizpah; for he said, The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent from one another’ in my head and knew that this love token would speak to one of my followers in this moment. "
United We Stand: The Jewelry Industry’s Efforts To Support And Raise Funds For Ukraine
Forbes - March 04, 2022
"With my jewelry, people wear their hearts on their necks, and it’s a great piece to start a conversation about the cause I was raising funds for, Vet Crew, an organization that is caring for pets belonging to people fleeing the invasion who cannot for whatever reason take their pets with them,” Jackson says. “These people are going through unimaginable stress, and I cannot imagine having to make the heart-wrenching decision to leave my pets behind. This organization provides relief to those worries and hope that one day they will be reunited back at home.”"
Jewelers Unite To Take Action and Raise Funds for Ukraine, Refugees
JCK Magazine - March 03, 2022
"“When I designed my Lock Stories collection, based on combination locks, it was only natural that I would take inspiration from the popularity of flowers as a means of communicating unspoken feelings, as I am drawn to secret messages,” she explains. “This design features a word for the overall theme of the lock — in this case, ‘flor’ — [as well as] four flower motifs that represent different [types of affection], and braille for those who cannot see to enjoy the beauty of jewelry.”"
In Full Bloom
Jewelry Connoisseur - February 21, 2022
"“When I first started designing, I said if this all goes nowhere, I’d still be happy keeping [the jewelry I made] all to myself,” Jackson says. “I love them that much. I consider myself a matchmaker more than anything. I’m always excited to find a match between my jewelry and my clients.”"
How I Got Here
JCK Magazine - February 09, 2022
"Could either mean you have found your soulmate and the luck has been granted in which case you would prefer this token as a gift or if you are looking for your significant other and you are in need of a little luck, then it’s time to buy it for yourself."
Valentine’s Gift Guide: The Best Sentimental Charms
Forbes - January 19, 2022
"Heavenly Vices’ new Lock Story necklace is the neo-Victorian answer to Cartier’s LOVE bracelet. The charms spin around to state the word Love in the roman alphabet, via carefully chosen Victorian symbols and braille (created during the Victorian era). "
The Many-Splendored Things I Want For Christmas This Year
JCK Magazine - December 16, 2021
"I've wanted to add something fresh to my collection for a long time, but it was important that it made sense in the context of my love token collection so it took a while to come up with something that connected thematically. Love tokens were a communication vehicle in an era when open expression of feelings was frowned upon, and I liked the idea of having a secret message in the locks – the four sections of the lock rotate and only open when the words/ theme are lined up."
Independent Designers Get Creative With Capsule Collections
Forbes - December 09, 2021
"Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue: This theme has all four elements going for it and we found them in one beautiful love token—an actual coin—from Heavenly Vices, a U.S. Seated Liberty Dime minted in 1882. "
Gifts For The Bride From The Groom
Forbes - June 24, 2021
"For love token collectors, antique coins like this W with exquisitely applied letters are the most sought after of the tokens due to their beauty and rarity. Imagine a woman wearing this pendant to lunch with a friend, her face lighting up when asked about this pendant, explaining that it was a Mother’s Day gift, chosen to represent her loving and unique relationship with her family."
Mother’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Initial Jewelry
Forbes - April 20, 2021
"What better way to honor the mother in your life than with this love token pendant; like a mother’s love, this antique engraved coin set in a modern diamond bezel is a timeless, enduring and absolutely unique treasure."
Gifts to Celebrate Mom on Her Special Day
Bejeweled Magazine - April 06, 2021
"Even in the darkest of times, we cling to hope and to love. The fear and isolation heightened our emotions, and made us long for normalcy; at the end of the day, for the lucky ones, life went on. And that for some that meant celebrating loves, losses, triumphs and tragedies, buying jewelry to remind them of their own resilience and that this too shall pass. "
Eight Woman Jewelry Designers Talk About Navigating Their Businesses In Tough And Triumphant Times
Bejeweled Magazine - March 08, 2021
"Jewelry tells a story about who we are: our loves, losses, triumphs, tragedies. When selecting one of our signature love token pendants, our customers connect with a story from the past on an emotional level, recreating its meaning to tell their own story, in a way that transcends time, place and sometimes even language."
Celebrating International Women’s Day With A Diversity Of Jewelers From Around The Globe
Forbes - March 08, 2021
"At this stage in the relationship, you should know your partner's likes and dislikes and the exact gift that will pull on her heart strings. 'This is a great time to get a monogram piece - make it meaningful,' suggest the Carbon and Hyde designers."
Say it with bling! Experts weigh in on the jewelry to buy your sweetheart this Valentine's Day
The Daily Mail - February 04, 2021
"Heavenly Vices' sterling silver Victorian love token in a 14K gold, diamond and ruby bezel love token harks back to a time when words of affection could not be openly expressed, one young lover was so determined to demonstrate his passion for his beloved, he commissioned this love token to be engraved Cupid on this 1885 British Three Pence host coin. As soon as we acquired this love token, we knew it needed to be contemporized with a new diamond bezel and accented by and the gemstone of romance – rubies – for the ultimate romantic gift this Valentine’s Day.”"
Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Modern Romantic Message Jewelry
Forbes - January 20, 2021
"In the Victorian ‘Language of Flowers’, tulips mean ‘declaration of love’ – an endearing message from a romantic partner. But I’d like to think this ring is one that we can purchase for ourselves. Possibly because I have been ogling it since it first appeared in my Instagram feed. This 14K gold engravable signet ring with beautifully wrought tulips can be inscribed with a name, saying, meaningful word or anything else the wearer believes would be significant to them. And, really what woman who has an affinity for tulips wouldn’t prefer them in gold, on her finger, where they will never wilt, but rather they will endure and can be worn and enjoyed for a long time to come."
Pamper Yourself By Self-Purchasing The Jewelry You’Ve Been Coveting For Valentine’s Day
Bejeweled Magazine - January 15, 2020
"December 2020 holiday card for Heavenly Vices "
@SketchNYC Amplifies Brand Stories With Colorful Jewelry Illustrations
JCK Magazine - January 14, 2021
"Heavenly Vices' Baby pendant features a, 22K yellow gold 1882 British Sovereign host coin, which was engraved and enameled most likely for a mother after the birth of her much loved baby boy. It has been set in a diamond bezel, is one-of-a-kind and would celebrate the same emotion today."
The Birth Of A New Child Calls For A Significant Jewel
Forbes - December 11, 2020
"'Darling' love token proves that everybody is a star for someone in their life. The antique love token is sterling silver and is modernized with a 14K yellow gold and diamond bezel setting. Of the possible history of this piece, designer Samantha Jackson says “I imagine someone commissioning this love token for a special occasion, to let their beloved know he or she is the center of their universe. In these challenging times, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love receiving this emblem of appreciation and adoration.”"
Holiday Gift Guide: Jewels That Protect, Strengthen And Allow Her To Shine
Bejeweled Magazine - December 03, 2020
"I edited this Mother’s Day gift guide with a bunch of moms in mind, thinking about what they might want to hear on this pandemic-era occasion. The fact is, most of us moms just want to be told that we’re doing a good job. Dear Mama Acrostic charm in silver with diamonds, emerald, amethyst, and ruby in silver (the engraved coin is an 1891 U.S. Seated Liberty dime)."
26 Jewelry Gifts Under $2,000 That Feel Right for Mother’s Day 2020
JCK Magazine - May 07, 2020
"As Samantha aptly concludes, “To paraphrase Albert Einstein, we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we had before they existed. COVID has us isolated, but we are not alone.”"
The Essential Jewelry Collective: Selling Through Collaboration in the ‘New Normal
InStore Magazine - May 06, 2020
"Jewelry designer Samantha Jackson, founder of reclaimed-and-revamped fine jewelry collection Heavenly Vices, has debuted a new retail endeavor, the Essential Jewelry Collective (EJC), with jewelry journalist Beth Bernstein. EJC corrals small, hard-to-find brands—Moritz Glick, Hannah G, Karen Karch, Grace Lee, KatKim, and Talon, among them—that are well-known to jewelry fans but may otherwise be under the radar."
Jewelry Designers Are Creating Ways to Sell Directly to Consumers During COVID-19
JCK Magazine - April 30, 2020
"I like this gorgeous reminder from Samantha @heavenlyvices that everything’s going to be okay. Stay home and hang in there peeps!"
NYC Jewelry Week’s “Checking In” Series Is What We All Need Now
JCK Magazine - April 02, 2020
"She explained, “Meals on Wheels America provides more than just a meal to our vulnerable senior population, often the people making deliveries are the only contact seniors have with the outside world. In response to COVID-19, Meals on Wheels has had to rapidly change their delivery models and develop technology-based efforts to check in on seniors since face-to-face interaction is so risky. Additionally, seniors who once were able to rely on their family members are social networks for meals are no longer able to do so with social distancing guidelines, increasing demand for the services Meals on Wheels provides.""
Faith, Hope and a Whole Lot of Charity
InStore Magazine - March 30, 2020
"A truly special necklace, this vintage “love token” is set on a three-dollar piece—one of the rarest American coins."
Pendants, Charms, and Amulets to Help You Channel Positivity
W Magazine - March 27, 2020
"When we entered 2020, we were at the height of self-expression and individuality in jewelry and we are witnessing a return to initials and monograms for pendants. Heavenly Vices' one-of-a-kind love token of a $3 USD Indian Princess Coin, engraved with an M, circa 1865 with a modern diamond bezel and bale surrounding the coin."
Sign Of The Times: Initial Jewelry Is Back
Forbes - March 08, 2020
"These literal movers and shakers are so much more than they initially appear. We’re talking hidden compartments, secret hinges, unexpected dimensions and transformative powers. 14K yellow gold spinner pendant with diamonds and two Victorian era coin love tokens."
Whimsical Wonders: The Rules... there ain't no rules
InStore Magazine - March 15, 2020
"A woman can never have enough jewelry. Your grandma (a.k.a. Mimi) will cherish this love token by Heavenly Vices. This is a US Barber Dime, minted in the 1800s, featuring a wreath on the obverse (tails side of the coin) to create a beautiful frame for the engraving. "
From a diamond necklace to vegan nail polish, find the perfect Valentine's Day presents for all your sweethearts this February 1
The Daily Mail - February 04, 2020
"Samantha Jackson of Heavenly Vices has created the perfect signet ring. Based on a love token coin in sterling silver from the 19th century which was ground down in front to read ‘health & prosperity’, she re-imagined this universal good will saying and worked it into a ring with wheat sheaves in relief on the side. "
The Best Modern Floral Jewelry
Forbes - February 01, 2020
"Ordering a Cosmopolitan is a dead giveaway that you're a big fan of Sex and the City. It also implies that you're passionate, fashion-forward and like to stand out."
In good spirits! Whether you're a wine enthusiast or a Cosmopolitan lover, stylish Valentine's Day outfit ideas based on your signature cocktail
The Daily Mail - January 20, 2020
"Atlanta-based jewelry designer Samantha Jackson of Heavenly Vices — who is actively involved in the rescue of animals here in the U.S. — put three recast love tokens with diamonds bales from her collection up for auction: the appropriate “Lend A Hand,” “Love” and “Love One Another.” In total she raised $1,700, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to @wireswildliferescue to help wildlife impacted by the bushfires."
The Instagram Jewelry Community Unifies to Aid In Australia’s Relief Efforts
InStore Magazine - January 19, 2020
"Samantha Jackson of Heavenly Vices’ newest addition to the one-of-a-kind pieces in her love token collection pair two different love tokens together with a mechanism that allows you to spin the medallions around to see on both sides. "
Six Versatile Self Purchase Styles For The New Year
Forbes - January 13, 2020
"I don’t have a signet ring, and I want one from Heavenly Vices because, along with every editor I know, I’m a big fan. I also think this will come in handy in 2020—election year—and if I’m wearing this it’s a built-in apology for when the junkyard dog in me comes out."
The Year's Best Shopping Gifts
JCK Magazine - December 24, 2019
"Samantha sets the original one-of-a-kinds in different styles of diamond and gemstone bezels and bales, adding a current feeling to the collection. Featured is a rare authentic one-of-a-kind love token engraved and enameled with forget-me-not flowers and set in a 14K yellow gold and white diamond bezel."
12 Great Gifts For The Season And Beyond
Bejeweled Magazine - December 10, 2019
"And as much as your mom may say she doesn't want to open a box this year, there's nothing like a stunning piece of jewelry. Continue on to see and shop 22 gifts that'll have your mom smiling this holiday season."
22 Gifts For The Mom Who Doesn't Want Anything (Or So She Says)
The Zoe Report - November 21, 2019
"Just ahead is a curated edit of thoughtful gift ideas that'll not only help you cross off so many names from your shopping list but also earn you the title of best gift-giver this year — not that anyone is keeping track or anything."
10 Thoughtful Presents That Will Earn You The Title Of Best Gift-Giver This Year
The Zoe Report - November 18, 2019
"Samantha Jackson for Heavenly Vices has created signet rings inspired by the engravings on Victorian-era love tokens. The ‘Love’ signet ring is one of the first of Jackson’s original designs for her Reimagined Collection. Jackson’s rings are hand engraved and often reveal surprising touches such as these small gems with big meaning—the diamond for enduring love and ruby for passion in the scrolls of the design. "
Holiday Gift Guide 2019: The Best Modern Signet Rings
Forbes - November 11, 2019
"After making a huge splash with her repurposed antique love token pendants, indie darling HEAVENLY VICES has launched a new line of luscious signet rings!"
New Collections for September
Instore - September 03, 2019
"You can think of the pieces below as a sort of best of summer 2019 highlight reel, but looking ahead to next year, I think my edit, broken into five categories, contains all the key ingredients for a compelling summer 2020 lineup. These categories are perennially appealing to thalassophiles, and the jewels themselves are perfect for the chicest of summer outfits and beyond. "
21 Seaside-Perfect Jewels for Summer’s Last Gasp
JCK Magazine - August 29, 2019
"The Second Time Around creates a current vibe when emerging talents rework antique pieces with modern bezels for pendants and handmade shanks for rings. Samantha Jackson of Heavenly Vices frames one-of-a-kind love tokens, which were actual coins in different denominations in sterling silver, different karats of gold, ground down in the front to personalize and give as a token of friendship, familial or romantic love. "
Fall For This Jewelry As We Head Into Autumn
Forbes - August 26, 2019
"The Past Meets the Present - This trend can be seen in independent designer collections with jewels that borrow from the past yet are imbued with both a current sensibility and built-in longevity. "
I Thought I’d Seen All the Jewelry I Needed for This Year … But I Was So Wrong
InStore Magazine - August 15, 2019
"What if you could find an antique piece from the 1800s with your initials already engraved on it or a word and image that holds deep significance for you or a loved one in your life? "
Romancing the Coin
Forbes - April 24, 2019
"I would never wear something that said Mother or Mom or Mommy, but there’s something about Mama that feels cooler somehow; there’s a wink, but also a sweetness to the ideas below, making any of them a welcome Mother’s Day gift. Victorian love token inscribed “Mama” on German pfennig coin with 0.31 ct. t.w. diamond halo on a 16-inch chain in sterling silver."
Mother’s Day Jewelry Ideas: Hot Mamas
JCK Magazine - April 26, 2018
"My collection is based the idea that you can rebuild, re-interpret and ultimately reinvent the past if you respect the history of what came before."
Samantha Jackson's Passion for the Past Creates Jewelry with Presence
Bejeweled Magazine - February 27, 2018
InStore Design Award - Gold Jewelry Under $5,000 Second Place - May 22, 2022
InStore Design Awards - Retailer's Choice Best Ring 2020 - May 19, 2020
JCK Design Awards - Influencers Choice Best Ring - March 09, 2020
Honorable Mention - Silver Jewelry Design - May 25, 2018
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