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"Samantha sets the original one-of-a-kinds in different styles of diamond and gemstone bezels and bales, adding a current feeling to the collection. Featured is a rare authentic one-of-a-kind love token engraved and enameled with forget-me-not flowers and set in a 14K yellow gold and white diamond bezel."
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Bejeweled Magazine
"Samantha Jackson of Heavenly Vices has created the perfect signet ring. Based on a love token coin in sterling silver from the 19th century which was ground down in front to read ‘health & prosperity’, she re-imagined this universal good will saying and worked it into a ring with wheat sheaves in relief on the side. "
The Best Modern Floral Jewelry
"Samantha Jackson of Heavenly Vices’ newest addition to the one-of-a-kind pieces in her love token collection pair two different love tokens together with a mechanism that allows you to spin the medallions around to see on both sides. "
Six Versatile Self Purchase Styles For The New Year
“Love tokens were a global phenomenon during the 19th century, and people took coins to jewelers to have them engraved with names, nicknames, meaningful phrases, bon mots and even some sayings that defy explanation. I am honoring the art of the love tokens while bringing them it into modern times in rings that bespeak a range of emotions and symbolism.”
"After making a huge splash with her repurposed antique love token pendants, indie darling HEAVENLY VICES has launched a new line of luscious signet rings!"
New Collections for September
"King George III shilling coin (1818) with scenic engraving and a 0.47 ct. t.w. diamond bezel set in silver, $3,000;"
21 Seaside-Perfect Jewels for Summer’s Last Gasp
JCK Online - August 29, 2019
"The Second Time Around creates a current vibe when emerging talents rework antique pieces with modern bezels for pendants and handmade shanks for rings. "
Fall For This Jewelry As We Head Into Autumn
Forbes - August 26, 2019
"The Past Meets the Present - This trend can be seen in independent designer collections with jewels that borrow from the past yet are imbued with both a current sensibility and built-in longevity. "
I Thought I’d Seen All the Jewelry I Needed for This Year … But I Was So Wrong
Instore Magazine - August 15, 2019
"What if you could find an antique piece from the 1800s with your initials already engraved on it or a word and image that holds deep significance for you or a loved one in your life? "
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Bejeweled Magazine - February 27, 2018
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