Is that a coin?

Yes it is!  These beautiful coins, the centerpiece of our collection, are known as Love Tokens, which were wildly popular in the Victorian Era.  All around the world in the 19th century, customers would take their money to a jeweler and commission a one of a kind tribute to the people, places and things they love.  
The earliest love tokens were commissioned as gifts from beau to belle, and over time their popularity extended far beyond these traditional boundaries to commemorate more than just romantic love. We have names, initials, bon mots, symbols, landscapes to name a few. Seems like anything people felt a passion about was fair game for a love token.

I am looking for _______. How can I see what you have?

We have several thousand love tokens in our collection and it would take the rest of our lifetime to get everything up on our website - and what a dreadfully dull endeavor that would be! Typically people reach out via DM or email and specify a request. We will dig through our stash and send you love token options as well as a link to all of our bezel styles on our website. Once you have narrowed down what you might like, we will photoshop your love token into the bezel or bezels of your choosing and work with you until we get it right.

Can I buy a love token without a bezel?

We do not sell loose love tokens. We will work with you to design a finished piece that is suitable for your budget and lifestyle but part of this endeavor to bring love tokens back to life and popularity is an effort to conserve these amazing tokens and position them to be handed down for many generations. We feel this is best achieved with the security of one of our bezel settings.

I love this bezel but want different gemstones – is that feasible? Your wish is our command! Not only can you request different gemstones but you can also request different styles and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What about the locks?

Our lock collection was a two year labor of love culminating in five themes that were popular in jewelry in the Victorian era: Flor (Flower), Love, Luck, Mama, Sûre (Safe). Each lock has three sides: the word written in the Roman alphabet, the word written in Braille and a symbol side that reflects the theme. They are fully functional locks that rotate into position with the words and symbols lining up when opening the locks, and scramble when the locks are closed. This references back to the Victorian tradition of embedding secret messages into jewelry.

Can you make me a custom lock?

Not only can we but we would love to! It is a fun collaborative process that you will be involved in every step of the way.

What is the lead time on a custom piece?

Lead time on love tokens is 6-8 weeks; 10-12 weeks on locks or longer if there are design changes.

Can you hold a piece for me while I decide if I want it?

One of a kinds cannot be held without payment. If you see something you are interested in, please reach out as soon as possible to secure your beautiful treasure!

Speaking of payment, what payment methods do you accept?

Pretty much everything except check – the mail is very unreliable where we are. We accept Zelle, Venmo, PayPal; if the piece is not yet listed on our website we can list it or we can send you an invoice!

Do you offer layaway?

Absolutely! As jewelry lovers we know that feeling of watching something you love slip out of your hands. Layaway terms are 30% down after which you can pay at your leisure as long as the piece is paid in full by December 31 of your layaway year.