Heavenly Vices is created in Atlanta, GA by New Orleans native Samantha Jackson.  The name is a play on all that’s beautiful and irresistible about jewelry. As someone who has always had obsession with this sparkly medium, from Mardi Gras beads to impeccably made antique pieces, Samantha designs for women like herself who give in to their temptations and will buy the jewelry they covet impulsively, so much so that they may have to get really creative in paying the monthly bills. Jewelry is a vice in that respect but a heavenly one in that it also brings so much joy. 


"I grew up in New Orleans, where the beauty of the past and the art, architecture and legends of different cultures are so much a part of our daily lives. All of that inspiration has found its way into my collection, from the decorative and ornamental motifs like wrought ironwork to different symbolism of talisman to ward off evil and bring good fortune. Additionally, my collection is based the idea that you can rebuild, re-interpret and ultimately reinvent the past if you respect the history of what came before.  Whether an antique component I have built a necklace around, or something new of my own creation, everything I make is inspired by a technique or treasure from the past.  It is my hope that my jewelry’s story will evolve with its new owners – I love the idea of one of my pieces becoming part of family folklore, much like my family's treasures evoke happy memories of my loved ones who are no longer with us.” 

Samantha is a passionate animal lover, and devotes much of her time and energy to animal rescue.  A portion of the proceeds of all sales goes toward various rescue organizations Samantha supports.  Additionally, she has a dream to one day fund programs to curb animal overpopulation.  When you buy from Heavenly Vices, you are not only purchasing something beautiful, you are also contributing to the welfare of beautiful animals.