A New Spin on Love

Describing a jewelry design as utilitarian may not sound like the greatest compliment one could bestow, but it is not without merit among contemporary independent jewelry designers looking to maximize wearability and function without taking away any beauty or appeal of their work. While these aren’t romantic notions we commonly associate with jewelry -- especially sentimental jewelry like mine —they do have meaning in the evolution of my love token collection, both the authentic-one-of-a-kind and reimagined lines.

Although some jewelry lovers favor the layered look with a lot of medallions and charms stacked together or dangling on different add on links on a heavier necklace, others prefer a more classic look of one special pendant that hold sentiment or significance, and possibly a little wit and whimsy.

Often I speak to customers struggling to choose just one love token in the collection – something I can absolutely relate to - and if my nearly twenty year career as a management consultant taught me anything, it is that problems are meant to be solved. Thus, the spinner bezel was borne as a way to satisfy those unable to choose while maintaining a streamlined look.

The spinner bezel fits two love tokens within the walls of an inner mechanism that spins along its equator to reveal the engraved sides of both coins.  Additionally, I have quite a few double sided love tokens with initials on one side and something beautiful and whimsical on the other; this design allows both sides to be displayed and enjoyed instead of vanquishing one side to an eternity facing inward.   Whether you choose to spin your spinner all day or display one side one day, the next the other, you will never tire of this truly one of a kind piece.

Bezels are all made to order, allowing you the choice of coins, metal and stones for your custom creation.  No two love tokens are ever exactly the same size even if they are the same denomination, thus the coins selected need to be fitted by our master jeweler into their own bezel.  This is the case whether you choose a one of a kind antique love token, a reimagined casting of an original love token, or a combination thereof.

As far as specific combinations, the sky is the limit. I have paired the names and initials of partners, parents, children, grandchildren, pets; complementary images such as the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge; sentiments and symbols such as "Love" with an Ivy vine, a symbol of fidelity and faithfulness.

There are so many ways to put them together – so why not take a spin through my website and Instagram, get an idea of what speaks to you, and reach out so we can put one together that will give you joy and happiness.