Diamond Lock Stories - Luck (Clasp Only)

Diamond Lock Stories - Luck (Clasp Only)

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The centerpiece of the new Lock Stories Collection is a 14k, diamond studded, three-sided combination lock clasp with each side of the lock representing the same sentiment in a different language - the Roman alphabet, Victorian symbols, and Braille (which was also created during the Victorian era).  When the letters and symbols are lined up to reveal the secret message, the lock will open; the secret messages scrambled secure the lock on the wearer's neck. 

This clasp can be attached to your chain with dog clips, of you can send us the chain of your choosing to attach to the clasp.

This is the first of our locks - LUCK - which has four symbols of items traditionally representative of luck. The first is the horseshoe which is intentionally opening down to express the sentiment of giving luck out into the world. The four leaf clover is perhaps the most well-known token of luck. The number 13 is a lucky Chinese number often believed to represent growth and vibrancy. Lastly, the Ivy Leaf is symbolic of not just luck but also fidelity and friendship.

Locks are made to order - please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery