Animal Rescue

When Samantha was a child, a sickly kitten ran up to her at her brother’s soccer game, and the poor creature begged for help. Even though Samantha wasn’t able to help the kitten, she vowed to one day help homeless animals. Since that day, she’s been passionate about cat rescue. Not only does Samantha devote a significant amount of time and energy to animal rescue, she and her husband also foster and care for rescue cats. When you buy a piece of jewelry from Heavenly Vices, you’re also supporting Samantha’s favorite animal rescue organizations, since she donates a portion of all profits to them.

In addition, when you buy the 14k Gold Cat Necklace, 100% of the profits are donated to animal rescue. This sweet cat necklace features a fun and feisty cat silhouette with a heart, and it was inspired by Peaches, one of Samantha’s cats. When Peaches was just weeks old, she fostered him, his siblings, and his mom. A classic orange tabby, Peaches has swirly stripes on one side of his torso that spell “Love”.

Peaches may be partially blind, due to scar tissue on his eyes from an untreated infection he got while in the shelter, but he’s all about love - from his fur to his disposition. The heart in the 14k Gold Cat Necklace honors Peaches and the unwavering spirit of all the animals in the shelter system, despite the odds stacked against them.

Samantha's long term goal is to be able to start mobile spay and neuter programs for underserved communities and help curb animal overpopulation. When you buy from Heavenly Vices, you're not only purchasing something beautiful, you’re also contributing to the welfare of beautiful animals.